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Tip: How Harmful Steroids You Use Occasionally Can Be?

An array of Glucocorticoids do exist, and most of them are in constant usage due to the 'dependence' developed into the drugs. Some of the commonly used glucocorticoids are: 







Most of these Glucocorticoids are available as topicals(applied onto the body surface), injectables, which can be intravenous or intramuscular and they can also be found as oral drugs which can be taken by use.

Practically, research shows that the use of these Glucocorticoids have since increased doubling it's usage for the last 5 years. Their significance in getting conditions under control is definite, most commonly under congestive conditions. The only challenge lays on dependence on such drugs, where and individual finds it hard to do without such steroids even after a cease in the preexisting condition. Coupled with dependence, is the Overdosage and prolonged usage of glucocorticoids which predisposes to health hazards, one of which can cause physical and emotional trauma; the so called Cushing sydrome. 

An individual may fail to know he/she has got Cushing sydrome on its initial stages where it seems asymptomatic but in time signs and syptoms begin to show. The condition is also accelerated by hypersecretion of Cortisol hormone by the adrenal cortex of the kidneys. 

Some of the key features which makes one get a picture or whether or not he got a glucocorticoid-associated disorder may include,but no limited to; 

Having a 'moon face': This's highly suggestive of Cushing sydrome, where there is painful adiposity of face, neck and trunk.

Muscle wasting: It is the thinning of subcutaneous tissue especially in the limbs. This is as a result of excessive protein breakdown through the process of catabolism.

Protein synthesis tends to go down significantly

My result in failure to normal growth in young children: The early use of Glucocorticoids in young children is not encouraged unless it's really really necessary

Fractures resulting from pathogen invasion: Pathological fractures also tends to show up severally as a result of the high dose and/or prolonged Glucocorticoid usage.

Mentrual disturbances also result in women due to steroids usage. It my include painful menstruation and irregularity of periods.

Higher susceptibility to infections. Long term steroid use tends to significantly lower the body's immune system drastically leading to a high tendecy to catch infections.

Hyperglycemia ( higher thaj normal blood sugar level): This may suggest that an individual got a glucocorticoid-associated condition which requires clinical intervention.

Visual disturbances and Cataracts also present as a result of such steroids as dexamethasone when used over a longer period of time. 

Central obesity or obesity of the lower abdomen. Due to high dosage, and individual may 'grow weight' of the lower abdomen. This can be suggestive of a steroid Overdosage.

The so called 'stretch marks' (striae) present. This feature is almost always common for individuals who have used Glucocorticoids for a longer period of time.

Most of the above features are systemic and imply a pending steroid associated illness.

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