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WHO Confirms Another Deadly Disease Confirmed 80 Cases Already In 11 Countries

WHO has confirmed 80 cases of the deadly disease monkeypox. The cases have been reported in different countries which are 11 in number.

The first case was reported in UK, as confirmed by WHO. The victim was reported to have travelled to England after coming from Nigeria where he might have contracted the disease.

WHO has said that the world should be alert since this is a new disease. The number of those confirmed cases could have been in contact with many people making the WHO to caution the world.

Among the countries where the cases have been reported include; US, Sweden, UK, and Italy. There are expectations that the numbers are likely to go high.

According to WHO about 50 cases are being investigated. Common sign if this disease is open sores that begin in the face and proceed to the rest of the body. Others include, headache, fever, body rash and exhaustion.

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