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When and how should you stop breastfeeding

How long should one continue breastfeeding? Is it really three months? Six months? Or even a year? Let’s find out.

The world health organization recommends a baby to be fed entirely on breast milk for a period of at least six months. This is because breast milk isn’t just food; it contains immunity boosting components that increase dramatically in number when the baby is ill or this current generation 60% of our mum tend to feed their babies with some formula or complementary food before the child gets to the age of six months, even though world health organization guidelines doesn’t recommend that.

Weaning is basically the process of stopping to feed your baby with breast milk .the first step of weaning is ideally giving your baby some complementary foods alongside with your breast milk. The weaning process usually continues until the breast milk is complete replaced with other complimentary foods or drinks. After the age of six month the baby begins to need some higher levels of certain nutrients such as iron zinc and vitamin b and d which he/she doesn’t get from the breast milk.

When you decide to start the weaning process, it’s well advised that you do it gradually. Stopping breasting the baby suddenly might put you in a risk of engorgement, blocked ducts or even mastitis.

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