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The Facts About The Omicron Corona Variant, Its Signs And Symptoms And Possible Treatment

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5 top symptoms of omicron you need to know and it's prevelance

WHO on 26th November declared Omicron as the variant of concern. This is first time in history of Covid-19 that a variant is declared as VOC(Variant of concern) only within 48 hours of just being reported to WHO. So definitely , this is matter of concern, as this variant have 32 mutations which may cause immune escape. Be concerned but not unnecessarily panic about it.

Omicron continues to sweep across the globe. Its symptoms seem to be slightly different than those symptoms seen with Covid-19 in the past like loss of smell and taste , shortness of breath and fever.

According to ZOE Covid study which is a resource for this that is a large collection of self reported data ,here is current ranking of Omicron symptoms.




4) Headache

5)Sore throat

A sore throat is one of the earliest signs of having the Omicron variant , according to experts. The symptoms will usually appear in the first week of illness and improve quite quickly.Professor Tim Spector is the scientist behind symptoms tracker App ZOE. He says the symptom will feel worse on the first day of infection but get better on each following day. On average , a sore throat will last in 2-3 days but can last longer in adults.

If a sore throat is persisting , its unlikely to be the virus. Almost half of people who are ill with virus will experience a sore throat , however its more common in adults aged 18-65 than the elderly and those under 18. Around 11% of people who were ill with the virus reported a sore throat as their only symptoms.

A study from Norway found that among the people in one case cluster, cough was most common symptoms associated with variant followed by runny nose and fatigue.

Omicron is set to be dominant strain in UK by Christmis.Currently 27000 new daily cases last week. London is currently seeing rapid rise in positive cases.One in 57 currently have symptoms for longer than 12 weeks.

Number of new Covid-19 patients per million people with Omicron.

Highest ratio of patients infected in Denmark , then in United Kingdom , then in Ireland, then in United states and then in Canada and Japan.Omicron surge is about to start in United states.

Number of Covid-19 patients in hospital per million people.

Highest ratio of hospitalization is in United states ,then in United kingdom , then in Denmark and then in Canada.

Omicron rapidly spreading and breaks all the record of Covid-19 alpha , beta and delta variants.

Currently hospitalized patients are 7.93k in south Africa out of which 528 are in ICU, 202 are in Ventilation and 1112 requiring oxygen in South Africa.According to WHO technical lead on Covid-19 Dr.Maria Van kerkhove Omicron is less severe than delta variant but it is still a dangerous virus.

People who are infected with Omicron have four spectrums of disease, everything from Asymptomatic to infection , to severe disease and death.More chances of infection are for those who have any underlying disease,People with advanced age people who are not vaccinated can have a severe infection with Omicron following infection with Covid-19 and people are still hospitalized with this variant Omicron and dying so it is less severe than delta but not mild and is efficiently transmitted between people high case or surges of cases of Omicron around the world.

If no prevention occur and not necessary treatment people receive then severity of disease increase. First and far most measure transmissability we know that is having vaccinated is incredibly good for prevention of severity of disease , death and transmission.

But we cannot relay on this as other preventive measures like social distancing ,wearing well fitted mask on nose and mouth ,cleaning hands are essential.

We should prevent ourselves from exposure ,getting testes timely and decrease exposure by preventive measures so that number of people infected decrease.

If you are not vaccinated , having compromised immune system , advanced age are at more risk of getting Omicron. Post covid conditions depend upon the severity of disease and transmissability . In case of increase in surge of Omicron it will be difficult for health care system to operate smoothly and accommodate all patients. Son preventive measures are crucial.

The Omicron variant of SARS-COV-2 virus that cause Covid-19 is still responsible for hospitalization and deaths around the world and poses threads to unvaccinated communities even though it may be , on average , less severe than other variants says , Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus , Director General of the World health Organization.

Last week there were more than 18 million reported cases.The number of deaths remain stable for the moment but we are concerned about Omicron is having on already exhausted health care worker and overburdened health system. People who are unvaccinated are many times more risk of severe illness and death and even the less severe cases are inundating health facilities.

For many countries the next few weeks remain really critical for health workers and health systems.There is sharpe increase in positive cases reported around the word about half of those reported from Europe about 40% of all cases reported from America with the high burden of cases from United states across many of the regions. We have to take preventive measures and get vaccinated as soon as possible for survival in this surge of Omicron.

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