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From a pig to humans, American scientists transplant a pig kidney to a human for the first time.

The medicine world achieved a historical breakthrough when doctors and scientists from New York University did a xenotransplantation. They successful put a pig kid to a human for three days. The organ was successfully attached for three days in an experimental procedure on a brain-dead patient.

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After getting consent from family members the scientists operated on their first patient. This medical advancement will see humans cutting the shortages of body organs by using genetically enhanced pig body parts.

Pigs have been the most recent research focus to address the organ shortage, but among the challenges, sugar in pig cells is foreign to the human body and can cause immediate organ rejection. The kidney for this experiment came from a gene-edited animal, engineered to eliminate that sugar and avoid an immune system attack.

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After the transplant, scientists took more than 50 hours to monitor the developments. The kidney was found to perform the basic functions of filtering dirt and allowing urine. This advancements meant the procedure was a success.

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