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How Your Bathroom Habits Change When You Have Diabetes.

Diabetes is mostly caused by either The body's inability to to respond to insulin or the pancreas being unable to produce enough insulin. This condition has been linked in causing negative symptoms such as sudden weight loss, blurred vision, and Severe fatigue without forgetting frequent urination. Below is how your bathroom habits changes when you have diabetes.

The Urge to Urinate more often.

If you have a frequent habit of visiting the toilet with the aim of urinating, then you should not consider it as a normal thing. An increase in urination frequency indicates an uncontrollable levels of blood sugar. And your kidneys are trying their best to remove too much sugar from your blood.

Fruity odor in Urine.

This kind of odor in your Urine occur because your body is working harder to get rid of excess blood sugar simply by excreting glucose through the Urinary track.

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