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Most affected Group by Covid 19 directives

Uhuru Kenyatta on 26th March stepped onto the podium to address the nation on the covid 19. He gave out a list of orders to be implemented including closing off five counties"disease infected area" and closure of schools once again.

The third wave has come with alot of force and has created a state of panic,fear and despair to many Kenyans. As we though the virus was on its way out it has gained lots of monentum sweeping vigorously to ever part of the country.

The most affected persons by far are school going children who have been forced to remain at home at this time. University students especially who wish to graduated and leave school life behind and join the hustling stage, have gotten their dreams cut short.

Though not seen now, the gaps left by not having "fresh" blood join the working industry will have a negative impact in our economy in due time.

Now as the hospitals struggle with overwhelming cases reportings,resources have to be divided between this gaint and the other ailments faced by patients each day. The prayer remains everyone take care of oneself;mask up,social distancing,sanitize ,minimaze movement and mayb we can defeat this virus.

Uhuru Kenyatta gave directives here and there but the only people who can keep the virus at bay is displine among the citizenry and respect and follow guidelines.

Kenyans covid case load now stands close to146,0000 and raising. Though the March 26 directives have seen slight reduction to overall infections across the country.

We can only hope and pray for better days ahead.

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