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Origin of Heroin And Its Cost In Kenya

Many people have heard of Heroin abuse but know very little about this drug .Some end up being involved in its abuse just because they lack knowledge of what this drug looks like ,its origin ,cost and ways through which users administer into their bodies .

Heroin is a drug which is made from Morphine .This is a substance which is extracted from seed pods of Opium Poppy plants grown in Southeast and Southwest Asia ,Mexico and Colombia .

Poppy plant (photo used for illustration purposes only).

Heroin feature as a powder with different colours which range from white to black. This drug cost 1.45 US dollars in Kenya for a single dose.This is about 150 Kenyan shillings . It is illegal in Kenya and drug smugglers find its way into the country due to liberalisation of trade .

Users often take it by sniffing and at times smoking .They also mix them with water then inject it to their bodies using syringes.

This drug has an effect of blocking the body from getting messages of pain besides slowing heartbeat.

The drug causes serious health hazards. Dare not to abuse it .It is also good to have knowledge about it lest your friend lie and introduce you to it .

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