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"You Should Be Worried", Indian Doctors Tell Tanzanians As New Details Emerge On the Variant Covid-19

Several health experts from India have urged the government of the republic of Tanzania to start conducting mass test to its citizens after the recent Covid-19 updates where the world heath organization, revealed that the deadly Covid-19 variant which is currently claiming large number of lives in India could go undetected for several days.


According to the reports given by the health experts from India, they have claimed that the reasons as to why they are currently dying in numbers is due to the fact that most Indians along with the government of India refused to take Covid-19 preventive measures on time.

Due to this reason, they have called upon the government of India to make sure they start giving the alleged Covid-19 virus a priority telling them to stop being ignorant because according to them, Covid-19 is currently claiming lives everywhere despite the fact that the government of India has refused to acknowledge the presence of Covid-19 in Tanzania.

While responding to this, different Tanzanian scientists have also called upon president Samia to star making plans and at the same time requesting her to order or rather direct Tanzanians to start taking the necessary measures that will prevent them from being infected with Covid-19.

In their own words, they said that they were worried due to the fact that most Tanzanians were still skeptical of whether or not Covid-19 was real despite the fact that it was currently killing alot of people in the world. Research done by this experts revealed that Covid-19 variant is a deadly type of Covid-19 which takes time to show itself and once it does, it happens after infecting alot of people.

This incident has sparked alot of mixed reactions from Tanzanians who seemed to have different opinions and suggestions on the matter. With a section of Tanzanians claiming that this was the right thing to do, others went ahead and called out these experts for allegedly trying to install fear among Tanzanians.

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