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Doreen Reveals One Of Her Greatest Lesson That She Has Learned From Living With HIV For 29 Years

Doreen Moraa Muracha is one of the most popular You Tube Content influencers who has played a great role on eradicating HIV associated Stigma. Doreen is always at the forefront line to encourage people to accept their HIV Status and to live positively. Doreen always loves to call HIV a tiny virus which should not be always at the bottom of your mind.

Doreen always advocates for ARV adherence so as to keep the levels of the HIV virus in your blood to be undetectable. This is the only way that a person will live positively and healthy.

Doreen was born with HIV Virus and she has been living with it for the last twenty nine years. Doreen said that she started her ARVS when she was eleven years and that she takes them till date. However at some point in her life Doreen had gotten tired of her medication and she had to leave treatment. However, Doreen resumed treatment after being too sick. Doreen has Revealed that one of her biggest lessons she has learnt is that HIV is just a tiny virus which should not determine her life and that she ought to live unapologetically.

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