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What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

For children aged 12 to 15 months, toe walking may be common when they attempt different foot positions. Usually, you can't think about walking until your child turns 2. In addition to finding ways to move, walking will remain a routine for children. This usually ends at the age of five. But toe walking will continue to be popular for children of older ages for different reasons. 

We are always concerned about our readers' wellbeing, and here we feel that we need to clarify why toe walking happens. Make sure you're reading notes! 

This may be a special requirement.

What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

Perhaps you need to see a doctor if your kid doesn't stop walking after the age of 2. Check your child's feet first and see if the leg muscles are tight, the Achilles tendon stiffness or the coordination is difficult. 

The cause may be Muscle dystrophy

What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

This is a genetic disorder which can be diagnosed when the leg and feet of a child are tested. Your muscles are also sluggish and atrophied in this situation. If your child used to go straight and suddenly walk on his or her toes, muscular dystrophy may be the cause.

The cause may be a backbone abnormality.

What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

A tied backbone is a neurological condition. The spinal cord and spinal column itself can cause limitation of the movement. The spinal cord occurs when, like its foundation, the tissue is attached to the spinal cord around the back. The spinal cord then stretches out with the growth of the spinal cord and damages nerves.

What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

A tethered spinal cord can be the reason why a child walks on their toes. The child find it painful to work well

could be Cerebral palsy

What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

Cerebral paralysis that occurs in balance battles can lead to Toe walking. In this instance, you can also note a tone of the muscle, a problem with good posture, and a stubborn walking on your toes. They can also be very steep in their muscles. 

The trigger may be a habit. 

This is done if a child is completely safe, but simply refuses to go normally for any reason and chooses to walk on his toes. This is because they can't get rid of tight calf muscles or a simple habit. This disorder affects between 5% and 12% of healthy kids. However, it is important to note that certain people continue to do this for fun, on and off. 

Please remember, this article is for information purposes only, and before making a diagnosis, you should always consult doctors! 

How much do you go on your toes? How often? What are you doing to deal with it? In the comment section below we share our experiences. 

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