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Final Signs That HIV Positive Patients Display Towards The Death

It's not a nice thing to mention but HIV/AIDS finally kills their victims, though in a delayed time. It takes at least 10 years without treatment for most people with HIV to develop AIDS.

Basically,HIV has got three main stages, the acute primary infection, asymptomatic stage symptomatic HIV infection.

The final stage is also known as the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).At this stage, various opportunistic infections totally colonizes the body and completely weaken the immune system.

CD4 levels decreases to a tune of below 200 cells per cubic millimeter (mm3) of blood. A normal range is considered 500 to 1,600 cells/mm3.

At that point, the body is susceptible to a wide range of infections and can’t effectively fight them off.

At the AIDS stage,HIV positive patients displays the following signs.

1. White spots in the mouth

2. Severe chills and night sweats.

3. Severe fatigue

4. Genital or anal sores

5. Persistent high fevers of over 37.8°C

6. Rashes that can be brown, red, purple, or pink in color

7. Regular coughing and breathing problems

8. Significant weight loss

9. Persistent headaches

10.Memory problems

11 Incurable pneumonia

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