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India Opts For Military To Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus nightmare in India has got the whole world scared. India's government is trying all means possible to contain the situation. The Indian army in a bid to sensitize people in remote areas today organized COVID-19 awareness at Sultanpur Kandi village of Jammu and Kashmir's Baramulla district.

In the awareness program, people were thought the symptoms, preventive measures of the virus, and how to take care of a COVID-19 patient by the army doctor and the local medical staff.

They were encouraged to take the set protocols seriously as well as taking the vaccine, saying that the vaccine reduces the severe effects of the virus ."The COVID-appropriate behaviors should be followed and be a part of the COVID vaccination drive. Vaccines reduce the chance of severe infection," Army doctor Simrat Rajdeep Singh said.

The program was lauded by locals who hoped to see more of the same in the future saying they learned a lot.

India has reported over 25m cases and 279,000 deaths. The village has 50,701 active cases .

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