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Best foods to eat during menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle is a monthly cycle in female's body in preparation of pregnancy.its anticipated that a person to start receiving her periods either on early age or at old age depending on hormones. Therefore to retain lost blood female's should consume various types of food which include,

Vegetables is an important diet in the body especially to women and girls during their menstrual periods. Since during the period they lose blood thus these vegetables play a great important roles in recovering the blood. Vegetables include spinach, sukuma wiki and carrots.


Women should make it a habit of consuming foods rich in calcium, fish is known to be rich in calcium thus it helps female's to recover their lost also helps to reduce mood swings.


Chicken is also preferably for women and girls during their menstrual periods due to presence of proteins. Therefore the proteins may help in regaining the lost blood.


Fruits such as watermelon,oranges and cucumbers play a great role of making women to be hydrated,sweet fruits helps to reduce craving to women when they are on their period


Female's should consume plenty of water during their periods,water helps in reducing chances of getting dehydration and also prevent women from bloating.

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