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Anerlisa Muigai Disappointed After Gaining Weight Despite Being On A Weight Loss Journey

Renowned Keroche Breweries heiress and businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai is today disappointed in herself.

This is because she has allowed herself to gain some weight, and this is despite being on a weight loss journey.

Photo: Anerlisa Muigai

The beauty queen who also happens to be the Nero Company Limited CEO disclosed the news with her instagram followers earlier today.

According to Anerlisa Muigai she has gained some 6 Kgs from her previous weight, and this is mainly attributed to her not watching what she eats.

She shared that she has been taking lots of carbs, and that she even thought of doing a Gastric Balloon procedure to lose the weight.

However because the weight is too smallshe chose to now focus her full attention on intense work out sessions, and checking on her diet.

"I am alot disappointed in myself for allowing myself to add 6 kgs. Biscuits, cakes, chocolates and bread are the quickiest weight gainers especially if you are not working out.

I pray I get back to 60 kgs or 62 kgs before end year. I'll cut out all of the above and do workouts...probably 5 days a week of 1 hour work out...

God help me, I have a sweet tooth and I pray I don't relapse. I wish I could do the gastric balloon but the kilos are too small for the balloon" she wrote.

Anerlisa Muigai's weight struggles

If you are a frequent social media user, then you probably know that Anerlisa Muigai has been struggling with her weight for the longest time now.

Few years back she used to weight up to 76 kgs but after intense work out and use of an app, she was able to shed some off up to 62 kgs.

At one time the Nero Company Limited CEO had even managed to shed off some more weight up to 57 kgs, but after not checking her diet, she again managed to add 8 more kgs up to 65 Kgs.

It should be noted that in a previous post, Anerlisa Muigai said that her dream weight was 57 kgs.

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