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Five Things That Happen to The Body When it Gets Struck by Lightning

Lightning usually carries high power voltage that is estimated at 300kV and can heat the surrounding air to more than 25,000 degrees Celsius, which is five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

According to The Washington Post, several things can happen to the body if they are struck with lightning. Here are some of them:

1. Brain damages and coma have been reported in individuals who had the accident. This occurs when the electric currents struck the head causing massive heat to the brain that cause the destruction.

2. Heat accompanied by lightning may cause a fire that may lead to burns to the body, and clothes to get shredded by the same fire.

3. It can also cause cardiac arrest as lightning does stop the heart from functioning.

4. Parkinson disease and other muscle twitches symptoms have been recorded from survivors.

5. And at worse, death can occur. However, majority of lighting victims do survive but most do get paralyzed from the long term effects of lightning.

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Celsius Parkinson The Washington Post


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