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5 signs that you may be suffering from ulcers

These are the signs that you may be suffering from any type of ulcers

1.Vomiting or nausea

Stomach ulcers is the main type of ulcers that can make you feel sick to your stomach, especially early in the morning after staying for a long period of time without any meal. Ulcers triggers an infammatory response in the stomach which can therefore cause contractions if they get to be strong enough you may then experience nausea

2. Unexplained weight loss

Ulcers sometimes causes blockage in the digestive system due to infammation it causes to the stomach this triggers and leads to weight loss and also decrease in the appetite

3. Change in the stool colour

The change in the stool matters alot if you notice your stool looks black which is the colour of digested blood this could be a sign of a bleeding ulcer. Bleeding ulcers are serious medical conditions and require urgent attention.

4. Reqular heartburn

Ulcers increases indigestion feeling that is heartburn this feeling is always near or upper stomach that happens when stomach acid flows up into your oesophagus if you have a regular heartburn ulcers is the thing to blame.

5. Burning pains

Burning pain is a common symptom of ulcers it regularly appears mainly between meals when your stomach is empty this can last for hours or some moments

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