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Blend Pineapple and Banana Drink The Juice Daily To Prevent You From These Diseases

Eating healthy is what the body needs foods which are Nutrious and healthy. A healthy breakfast can boost your day and give you energy the whole day. Bananas are good to start with since they are Nutrious and rich in antioxidants which are good to our body.

Pineapples too are good for our healthy it's Nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that makes it good for our healthy. Combining these two bananas and pineapples it will work for your healthy and well being.

How to prepare the smoothie.

Have Smashed pineapple,

1 Banana and Nutmeg that is grated

Blend them together to make smoothie and drink it for breakfast and in the evening before bed.

Taking these two combinations is healthy and here is what they can do to your body.

It will help improve the Iron absorption.

These mixture is rich in vitamin C which is needed by the body system to help in iron absorption that is vital for blood circulation. The vitamin C also will help prevent the body from diseases and infections.

It will boost your immunity levels.

This mixture is rich in many Nutrients and vitamins like C and this vitamin C is good since it helps the body to fight Infections and any other bacteria and viruses that attacks the body. Try this and you will like it for its wonderful work.

It may help prevent chronic diseases.

The mixture is full of anti inflammatory and antioxidants that make them prevent diseases like cancer,heart disease,diabetes and others. The antioxidants in the smoothie prevents inflammations and cell damages in the body that may cause these diseases.

It helps reduce risks of complications in our body system.

The body system comprises of many parts like the nervous system. Due to its presence of vitamin B1 it will help the body from getting complications in the brain,in the nerves,stomach and other parts of the body.

This smoothie is not just for refreshment but for its nutritional value in the body. Take it frequently and you will feel better .

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