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Evidence Has Emerged Showing COVID-19 Is More Worse Than The Flu

Researchers who had examined the lings of a patient that was killed by corona virus found out evidence that the disease attacks the lining of blood vessels which is a big difference between the flu and corona virus. According to the tweet sent by The Washington Post, The critical parts of the lungs of the coronavirus patients suffer from many microscopic blood clots, which is said to be nine times more than the flu, and appears to respond to the attack by growing tiny new blood vessels.

Researchers have also found that the lungs of coronavirus patients develop new blood vessels which they have termed as unexpected scenario. According to the Washington Post, research team examined 7 lungs of patients who died from coronavirus and 7 lung tissues from patients who died from the flu. They found out that corona virus had damaged the walls of capillaries and blocked that flow of gases in and out of the air sacs.

Researchers also looked for genetic and any other differences that might help in predicting who is more susceptible to the virus and they did not find any.

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Source [ Twitter @The Washington Post]

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