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Brazil Records 4000 Corona Virus Deaths in a Single Day

Covid 19 is one of the viruses that belong in the Corona viruse family and it was first reported in 2019 in a city known as Wuhan found in China, it later spread to the rest of the world and greatly affected the world's economy due to the sanctions that were put in place to prevent it's spread.

One of the most highly affected countries in the world is Brazil, the country has recorded more than 3 million cases in a period of one year, it is currently experiencing the third wave of the virus which has been proved by the World Health Organization to be more dangerous and highly infectious than the first two waves.

Brazil has today reported a total of 4 000 covid 19 deaths, according with the Brazil government this is the highest deaths from the virus that the country has ever recorded in a single day and the third highest in the world after Peru and USA.

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