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"It Is For Your Own Good": Why Everyone Should Know Their Blood Type (Opinion)

When it comes to knowing blood types,every individual should know their blood type for their own benefit.It is vital for every individual to know their blood type.That is the reason why the ministry of health has equipped every hospital with items for testing blood types.Let us not take it for granted,it is for our own good.The two reasons why I am insisting on this matter are;

1.Anyone can be involved in serious road accident which requires quick blood transfusion.It can be disadvantageous and fatal if at your blood type is not known at that time.If you do not know your blood type then you should try and know it now.

2.You may fall seriously sick and you may require quick blood transfusion.The doctors can help you as fast as possible when they know your blood type.

3.You may save life.You can donate blood easily to a victim when you know your blood type.That will be great.

Again, when you have already been tested of blood group,then you should carry details carrying your blood type in every place you go.You should learn to carry your credential you always.This is for the case of emergency.

Thank you very much.Have a nice time.You may follow me when you like my article.You are free to ask me a question in the comments' section.

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