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Signs and Symptoms Of Syphilis and Gonorrhea


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease tha affect both Men and Women.

Signs and Symptoms

Early signs of Syphilis include a painless sore (Chancre) on head surface of the penis and in ladies the sore may appear inside the birth canal. The symptoms may take 2 -3 to appear. The painless sore makes it hard for Syphilis to Noticed.

If Not treated, Syphilis can cause health issue including madness.


Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that affect both men and women.

Signs and Symptoms

Early signs include a painful passage of urine. A White thread like liquid drips during urination. When Not treated it can cause death.

Both Syphilis and Gonorrhea can also be transmitted by sharing of sex toys in Ladies.In Men, Gonorrhea takes on 2-3 days for the signs to appear. In ladies it may take a bit while for the signs and Symptoms to appear.

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