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Photos Of The World's Largest Horn Circumference On A Steer With An Incredible Circumference

The world's largest horn circumference on a steer ever was achieved by Lurch, an African Watusi steer owned by Janice Wolf from Gassville, Arkansas, USA, which measured 95.25 cm or in other words 37.5 inches.

Two qualified veterinary officials made the measurements three times to confirm the incredible circumference. Although they are not the longest horns on record, Lurch's horn span is an impressive 2.1 metres or in other words 7 feet long.

The sad part of the matter was that Lurch died as a result of a cancer at the base of one of the horns. The infection was diagnosed by medical practitioners in the veterinary department. The genetical script of the matter could have been the viral disease erupted out of the abnormal weight of the horns.

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