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The health benefits of the pineberry fruit.

The pineberry is a white strawberry with pineapple like flavour,red seeds and is a fusion of the words pineapple and strawberry.They are rich in vitamins A, C, D,folatepotassium,The health benefits of this fruit include;

*They are good for the health of the cardiovascular system as they are rich in potassium which helps keep the blood pressure constant.

*They are rich in vitamin C which is a great immune system booster.

*They are rich in vitamin A which is important for vision,the immune system and bone health.

*They are rich in antioxidants which help prevent oxidative stress in the body hence prevention of diseases like cancer.

*The fiber in them is good for the digestive system,reduction of cholesterol in the body and prevention of heart diseases.

*The presence of folate in them can help prevent certain birth defects.

*They can provide instant energy as they are rich in carbohydrates.

*They contain vitamin D which is important for bone and muscle health,

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