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Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Battled With Rare Health Conditions

Wambui Ngugi

Wambui is one of the top kenyan female musicians. She is a member of Elani group. Wambui has been in the music industry for a while. What many people don't know is that she has battled a strange and rare health condition

She opened up about her incurable condition called Androgenetic hair loss. This condition sees her lose a massive density of hair in a particular area of her scalp. Wambui manages her condition well.


Nazizi is famous as the first lady of Hip Hop. Nazizi was diagnosed with Chondromalavvia patella grade 4 injury on her left knee, She was was diagnosed with the conditon few years back and it saw her gain 15 kgs because of the friction in her knees. she has tried to lose the weight through various procedure to manage the condition

Vyonne okwara

Vyonne is one of the most respected citizen tv news anchors in kenya. She is also one of the most celebrated media personalities in kenya. She has been battling chronic pain for years, having to deal with two slip discs in her lower spine. This forced her to undergo spinal surgery last year.

Frankie Kiarie

Frank is one of the fitness enthusiasts in the country. He has had to battle a lifelong skin condition called Vitiligo. he has battled the skin disease since birth and his skin losses its pigment cells in patches, leaving him with darker and lighter parts on some parts of his body.

Joy Kendi

Joy is a common and famous face in the fashio industry. She is a renown fashion blogger. She opened up how she suffers from Dyslexia. This disease is a learning disability. It saw her struggle to go through the normal learning system. It was discovered she had the rare condition at a very tender age of 11 years. Despite of her struggle she is doing very well n her area of specialization.

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