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Is Skipping Breakfast Bad For You? What Happens if You Don't Have it Regularly

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's better you miss your lunch than breakfast. When it comes to reviving your body, a morning meal can give you a burst of energy to enable you to be productive throughout the day. Failing to have breakfast regularly will only lead to serious complications.

Reports have it that it might affect your heart in one way or another. In a study conducted on 6,550 adults aged between 40 to 75 by University of Lowa Researchers who confessed to not having breakfast, it was established they had an increased risks of falling victims to cardiovascular diseases compared to those who considered their breakfast.

The vice has been associated with high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and appetite changes that make people overeat in the day. High blood pressure which is a cardiovascular disease is caused by many factors and it turned out skipping your breakfast could raise your risks.

If you have been experiencing high blood pressure, just blame yourself for the condition. The relationship between high blood pressure and breakfast has not been well explained, but it is believed to cause constrictions of blood vessels which in turn makes the heart to pump blood harder to various parts of your body.

This might lead to heart attacks. Bad cholesterol has been identified as a common contributing factor for heart attacks. The same survey further noted that people who skip their breakfasts were highly vulnerable to obesity which has been linked to cardiovascular diseases.

It's now clear that skipping your breakfast is highly associated with different heart infections. This means that breakfast boosts the performance of your heart.

However, in other studies breakfast has not been linked to any disease and it doesn't make any difference when you have it or not. Whether it kicks starts your metabolism or not, it is not clear. More research need to be done.

Source: The Health Site

Content created and supplied by: SamMunyaka (via Opera News )

Skipping Breakfast Bad For University of Lowa


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