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Benefits Of Eating The Liver

As known, proteins are required in the body for many purposes. From the body, there are many sources for proteins and liver is one of them.There are different types of liver, which includes, chicken liver, cow liver, goat, and sheep liver. Here is alist of benefits that one is likely to generate from eating liver.

1. The liver is high on iron

Liver contains irons most especially the chicken liver. For that reason, eating liver will highly contribute to one having enough iron in their body. The function of irons in the body is the creation of red blood cells and keeping the blood healthy in one’s body. Also, iron helps to fight fatigue.

2. Contains vitamin A

The liver is highly rich in vitamin A. This is the reason why pregnant women are always advised to eat liver so that they can enrich themselves with vitamin A. However, for those that are not pregnant, eating liver is still important as vitamin A contributes a lot in making the skin smooth and betters the eyesight.

3. High-quality protein source

For those that are lacking proteins, they can always rely on the liver as it is a high-quality protein source. Therefore, eating it will guarantee you enough proteins in your body.

4.Liver May Support Skin Health

Liver is chock full of retinol – the active form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A has long been known to support skin health but is also vital for reproduction, vision and supporting the immune system. Vitamin A is an antioxidant, so it protects skin cells from oxidative stress like damage from UV rays. It also serves other integral functions

5. Liver is high in Antioxidants

Liver is rich in antioxidants A, C and E. Antioxidants protect cells against oxidative stress, also known as damage from free radicals like UV rays, smoking, inhaling pollution, inflammation, poor diet and stress.Antioxidants can be thought of as the protectors of cells. When a cell is damaged, it has the potential to become a cancer cell. Preventing cellular damage in the first place is the essence of every cancer prevention strategy – eating nutrient rich foods, not smoking, wearing sunscreen etc. 

6.Liver May Strengthen Bones

Liver is a source of vitamin K2. You may be thinking – hey, can’t I get that from kale Vitamin K yes, but not MK-4, the type only found in animal foods. In fact, most people consuming a traditional Western diet get almost no vitamin K2.Vitamin K2 helps with calcium balance – an essential nutrient for bone health. We know insufficient calcium intake can result in low bone mineral density and ultimately increase the risk of fracture.

While many people are quick to take a calcium supplement, high intake of calcium supplements has been associated with calcification of the arterial walls. Vitamin K2 helps direct calcium into the bones and keeps it out of the arterial walls 

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