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Why Too Much Caffeine Is Unsafe for Our Bodies

Coffee and caffeine containing beverages are common, most of people take nowadays.As much as it has benefits in the body, too much of it causes negative effects to the system of the body.When ingested in large amounts it causes the following:

Increased secretion of acid in the stomach which causes heart burn and ulcers. It also not safe for people with ulcers since it accelerates the negative effects causing much damage to the ulcers.

The circulatory system is affected where the hormones that cause dilatation of arteries are blocked causing narrowing of the vessels and increased blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Calcium absorption and metabolism is interfered with causing thinning of the bones and twitching of the muscles. It's not safe for old people and women approaching menopause since the bones are already thinning most circumstances.

Caffeine in pregnant women goes directly into blood stream into placenta increasing the heart rate and slowing the growth rate of the baby.

The central nervous system is affected bringing about lack of sleep.

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