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Avoid ginger if you have these health problems

1.blood disorders

Ginger boost circulation of blood and can be helpful to those suffering from conditions like obesity and peripheral artery disease.

Ginger can be harmful to those who have hemophilia or those whise blood cannot be able to clot normally.


People using drugs to treat conditions like diabetes or hypertention should seek help from doctors first because many ginger teas interfere with the medical effect of insulin, anticoagulants or beta blockers.


Those looking foward to lose weight ginger is helpful because its loaded because its loaded with fibre and can boost the capability of digestive enzymes, stomach Ph levels as well as supress appetite, however for those who are underweight ginger can lead to poor muscle mass leading to more weight loss.


Ginger helps digestion during pregnancy, however it has the ability to stimulate premature contactions and labour, disrupts the intake of dietry iron and fat soluble vitamins.

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