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7 Signs And Symptoms That Shows You Have A Serious Health Problem

I have gathered some information about signals that our body sends to tell us that something's wrong with our health.

Chronic fatigueWe all feel really exhausted sometimes but if you're tired for more than 2 weeks, even if you get enough sleep, then it's better to see a doctor because this type of symptom can be caused by thyroid problems, heart diseases, or vitamin D deficiency.

Unusual weight lossNot all women get upset when they lose weight. However, you have to pay much attention if you suddenly lose weight without diet and exercise. The reasons behind this can be different, it be be caused by chronic stress, diabetes or even cancer. Therefore it's recommended to visit a doctor immediately.

Breast changesThis is a very important thing that woman need to keep in mind, each woman should do a breast self-exam once a month. And if she notices any changes either the color, shape, lumps, or any other unique changes, she should visit her gynecologist or family doctor.

Shortness of breath and dizziness during simple exerciseIf you're among those people who light physical activity like climbing to the 2nd floor, makes you feel dizzy and shortness of breath, it's recommended to visit a doctor because these symptoms can indicate asthma or heart diseases.

Fast heart rateYou do not have to worry if you experience a fast heartbeat during workouts or if you're nervous. However, incase you always feel heart palpitations without the influence of these factors, you should definitely pay attention to it.

Bloatingsome we feel bloated after a hearty dinner but if your bloating isn't related to meals, you might have problems with your ovaries. To add on that, you should actually visit a doctor immediately if you suddenly start experiencing early satiety or pelvic pain.

Sudden vision lossConsider visiting an eye specialist when you realize that your vision has changed quite suddenly or you experience double vision. And if it's accompanied by loss of balance, dizziness, speech problems, changes in facial expressions, and numbness on one side of your body, call an ambulance immediately because these signs are the symptoms of stroke.

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