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Signs That A Person Is Secretly Experimenting With Alcohol and other Drugs

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Hello, welcome.

Addiction, a major problem that cuts across entire society despite the age, gender or social class.

It simply means that a certain behaviour or vice has taken the best of you and you can no longer control it, instead it controls you.

Mostly people associate addiction with drugs only forgetting how wide it can be, from porngraphy to social media, wild parties to sex / masturbation among others.

However bad the situation, there's always light at the end of the tunnel,so incase you're affected don't feel victimized, there's a way out. All you need to do is believe in yourself and take a leap of faith with some self sacrifice and you'll achieve your objective. Here I can only push you to luck with it.

What are the signs? Let's find out.

1.Sudden change of peers/friends.

As a parent or a spouse be vigilant if your child or partner starts to hang around with addicts, he or she may be 'hooked'.

2.Change of physical appearance.

Darker palms or lips, burned fingers may indicate that a person is secretly smoking.

3.Extreme emotional mood swings.

Drugs alter the way we think and interact, this may be the main reason for mood swings.

4. Missing valuables or money.

Any addict will agree that drugs can milk your pocket dry, afterwards you'll try other ways of getting money just to 'quench the thirst' this include selling of valuables like phones and other stuffs.

5.Changed eating or sleeping patterns.

Some drugs will increase your appetite abnormally while others will numb your appetite since they interfere with your taste buds. This is the reason why most addicts go for spicy foods.

On sleeping patterns, stimulants can keep you awake for longer period of time, while alcohol will doze you off.


One will overreact to mild criticism and avoid family contact.

7.Disordely conducts.

Fights and crimes, this may be related to sudden change in mood swings.

8.Change in personal hygiene.

If a previously well organised person suddenly decides to live in a dirty disorganised environment or room, this may ring a bell.

Thank you, until our next article, stay safe.

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