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Men: Here Are Ways To Lower Your Risk Of A Heart Attack

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Men are more prone to get heart attacks or have cardiac issues as compared to women.

However, the good news is that by balancing food and exercise, the number of men who get heart attacks can be reduced.

The following are the steps for men to follow in order to avoid being at a risk of a heart attack:-

√Give up on smoking: According to research, people who don't smoke had a 36% decreased chance of having a heart attack.

√Get moving and take action: According to a research conducted, a 3% decreased risk was seen in men who cycled or walked for at least 40 minutes each day and engaged in at least one hour of exercise weekly.

√Keep a healthy weight:According to a study done,it was found that a man's risk of having a heart attack was 12% lower if his waist measurement was under 37 inches.

√ Stop drinking: Research has discovered that there is an 11% decreased risk for men who drink no more than two drinks each day.

√ Research has found that men who eat a lot of fish, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and low-fat dairy products have an 18% decreased risk of a heart attack.

In conclusion, these are the five easy steps that men should take to reduce their chance of having a heart attack and start living a healthy lifestyle.

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