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The Success Story Of 29 Year Old & Kenya’s First Female Radiopharmaceutical Scientist; See Photos

Dr. Elizabeth Wangari Itotia is an epitome of success and beacon of inspiration to many that are out there trying to chase their dreams. Meeting her could be one of the most amazing experiences you can have in life especially if you feel like you want to give up in life. She is so young yet with so much to show for her success.

Her relentless effort have made her achieve a dream that many would just wish. For those who don't know Dr. Elizabeth, she is actually the first female radio pharmacist in the country and that is such an incredible achievement. A field that has been dominated by male finally has a female representative and we can't help but appreciate her efforts.

With this kind of specialization, her work involves preparation of radiopharmaceuticals to ensure that they are not only safe but efficient. It was on July 2021 when she climbed this success ladder of her life. She is indeed an inspiration to many women.

Born in the year 1992 in Limuru town Kiambu County, she had to take her studies locally in primary and in high school. She later moved to the university of Nairobi for her undergraduate programme where she graduated with her degree in pharmacy in 2017.

She later received a scholarship that even propelled her to greater heights to pursue her Masters and graduated in 2021 from a University in South Africa.

As of the time she graduated, she was the only female in the country with that kind of qualification at a young age of 29 years. All those that have the same qualification as hers in the field are male.

Dr. Elizabeth currently works at the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research and she is also a member of pharmaceutical society of Kenya.

Even after studying in South Africa, she saw it fit to come back to her own country and give back to her own people and that is exactly what she has been doing.

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Elizabeth Elizabeth Wangari Itotia Kenya Kiambu County Limuru


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