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Do you know of cape gooseberries? Here are its 5 top health benefits you need to know

Cape gooseberries are small tropical fruits with lots of benefit to your body. It originates from cape of good home in South Africa. It's highly nutritious and rich in calcium, phosphorus, carotenoids, fibres, polyphenols and vitamin C and A.

Below are the amazing benefits of this tropical fruit;

Anti inflammation

Cape gooseberries are rich in polyphenol and antioxidants which fight with free radicals in our body and stabalizes them thus stopping them from causing oxidative damage to your cells. It also helps lower the risk of cancers such as colon cancer, stomach cancer and even skin cancer.

Strengthening of bones

Cape gooseberries are enriched with vitamin C, phosphorus and calcium which are essential for bone strengthening. It can also be used to prevent skin problems such as dermatitis. For stronger bones, it's appropriate for you to include cape gooseberries in your diet.

Boosts immunity

Cape gooseberries are filled with vitamin C which helps improve the health of your skin. It helps limit the chances of acquiring diseases and infections by boosting your immune system. Frequent consumption of cape gooseberry helps you keep doctors away.

Improves eye's health

They are rich in carotenoids which are good for eyesight and the overall health of your eye. Carotenoids helps lower oxidative stress thus preventing cataracts development and slowing down the degeneration of macular thus promoting good eyesight.

Helps manage diabetes

Cape gooseberries are filled with fructose which is a soluble fibre. It helps lower blood sugar levels because of it's low glycemic index thus preventing sudden rise in blood sugar level.

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