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One Disease People With Genotype AA Are Vulnerable To

The issue of genotype has been with us for seemingly long time. We have seen and heard a great deal of things concerning genotype similarity yet very little consideration has been paid to the different conditions every genotype is powerless against. We have essentially four genotypes, AA, AS, SS, AC. For this article, we'll major more on AA. 

AA genotype is the best genotype there is. At the point when an individual with AA genotype weds another AA, it is the best scenario there is. It saves your kids the stress over genotype similarity. AA genotype can wed some other genotype. 

One significant ailment that incredibly influences the AA genotype is intestinal disease. Individuals with genotype AA are more defenseless against jungle fever, than those with AS and SS. This is on the grounds that the jungle fever parasite needs an extremely significant degree of oxygen utilization for replication. The AA genotype contains more hemoglobin bringing more oxygen to powers the parasite's replication.

In this way, as an AA individual, you should be cautious about your current condition and ensure you are free from mosquitoes.

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