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The Amazing Benefits Of Lemons(Ndimu)

Curing Indigestion

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and are highly effective in curing problems that affects the digestion process. Lemons contain digestive juices which are healthy as they facilitate good digestion thus relieving bloating, heartburn, gastric problems and belching.

It is often recommended to take a glass of lemon juice in case of a stomach upset and fever. Lemon, when taken with warm water early in the morning through adding a bit of juice into warm or hot water, aids in detoxifying the digestive system and promoting healthy bowel movement. Lemons aid in removing toxins from the kidney and the digestive system thus improving immunity and purifying the blood.

Lowering High Blood Pressure

Lemon juice or lemon water is highly beneficial for people with high blood pressure and heart disease due to its high potassium content. It works through controlling nausea, dizziness, high blood pressure and providing a calming sensation to the mind and body. Lemons are effective in reducing stress and depression.

Curing Colds and Fevers

Lemon aids in curing and preventing a cold, flu and fever due to its rich vitamin C content. Lemon helps in the production of white blood cells and antibodies which can fight against the microorganisms in the human body. When taken during a fever, lemon increases the rate of diaphoresis which means the sweating, especially to an unusual degree as a symptom of disease or a side effect of a drug by helping in bringing down the fever. Lemon is a blood purifier thus it greatly aids in curing diseases like cholera and malaria.

Respiratory Disorders Such As Asthma

Lemon juice greatly provides relief from respiratory and breathing problems such as asthma. Due to being a rich source of vitamin C, lemons aid in dealing with long term respiratory disorders. This is due to its anti-bacterial properties which aid in treating throat infections.

Good Dental Health

Lemon plays a vital role in good dental care. You can enhance your dental care through adding a few drops of lemon juice to your toothpaste to get the perfect white teeth and to also prevent bad breath. Lemon juice greatly reduces a tooth ache when it is added to an aching tooth. Did you also know that massaging abit of lemon juice on the gums stops gum bleeding. Lemon juice should however be used in moderation as it can cause tooth enamel erosion.

Stopping Internal Bleeding

Lemon has major antiseptic and coagulant properties which can stop internal bleeding such as nosebleeds. All you need to do is to dab abit of lemon juice to a piece of cotton wool and place it inside the nostril to control the bleeding.


Lemons have major diuretic properties which make them beneficial for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. It does this through flushing out bacteria and toxins from the body and helping in controlling inflammation.

Aids In Weight Loss

For people wishing to lose weight quickly, drinking lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey early in the morning does the trick as it detoxes the body and causes a feeling of fullness therefore making a person eat less.

However ,it is important to note that lemons should be taken in moderation as too much of its juice can cause issues such as acid reflux ,nausea and tooth enamel erosion.

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