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The Three Most Dangerous Foods In The World

Not all foods are good for your health, there are some which will affect your health when you take and even cause death.

Here are the most three which are dangerous:

Ackee fruit

National fruit of Jamaica, it contains a poisonous toxin called hypoglycin which disrupts blood glucose production and increases the risk of hypoglycemia (low sugar present in the blood) leading to risk of coma or even death.

Its seeds should also never be eaten as they are extremely toxic.

In order to enjoy safely, wait for it to fully ripen on the tree and blanch it before you eat because it will lower the fruit toxin levels.

Red kidney beans

This is the most staple and favourite in many dishes as it provides protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

However, in their raw or undercooked form, they are highly toxic, because of high amounts of phytohaemagglutinin in the beans, they need to be soaked and then boiled for a sufficient time.


Korean dish consisting live baby octopus tentacles that have been freshly prepared and sliced.

It is poisonous when its tentacles are not squirmed correctly. The suction pads on the chopped up tentacles can stick in your mouth or inside of your throat blocking your airway causing death.

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Jamaica Three Most Dangerous Foods In The World


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