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Common Early Symptoms That May Indicate You Might Be Recently Infected With HIV Virus.

HIV/AIDS is on of The Viral Infections That is A global Pandemic all over the World. HIV Virus is a global Pandemic because since it's discovery, researchers have never been able to come up with any curative measures. However HIV Virus is commonly suppressed using antiviral drugs but the Antivirals do not kill the HIV virus instead they prevent multiplication of the virus.

HIV virus is commonly spread through having unprotected intimate moments with an Infected partner, sharing sharp objects with infected people or even though blood transfusion with infected blood.

According to a health practitioner, below are the most common Symptoms of HIV virus infection at it's early stages.

1. Swollen Lymph Nodes

- Lymph Nodes are located on the neck region, thigh region and armpit regions. Observe for any swellings.

2. Sore Throat

A persistent Sore Throat of more than two weeks even after taking antibiotics and won't go away is another red light. A sore Throat caused by a virus will not go away on taking antibiotics.

3. Constant Feeling Of Tiredness And Dizziness Which May Be Accompanied With Fever And Night Sweats.

This indicates the virus is in the Sero-conversion Stage.

4. Sudden Loss Of Appetite And Nausea.

This is another worrying symptom.

5. Oral Thrush and Constant Infections.

This shows your immunity is starting to be compromised.

6. Rash

Sudden unexplained rash that appears and goes away after few days.

When you watch for these symptoms please take a HIV test to rule out any HIV infection and a repeat test after three months.

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