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Avoid consuming excess of bananas if you have any of these 7 health conditions

Bananas in step with webmd, are one of the maximum nutrient-dense fruits, having potassium, nutrition C, fiber, nutrition B6, and a whole lot of different plant macronutrients. Bananas, like several different fruits, have aspect outcomes that lead them to improper for a few men and women with positive clinical conditions. We’ll have a take a observe a collection of folks that need to keep away from or restrict their utilization similarly to the dietary benefits.

1. Diabetes

If you've got got diabetes, keep away from bananas, mainly the completely ripe variety. Banana has a glycemic index of 42-62, which suggests it has little to no impact on blood sugar stages, in step with studies. However, ingesting too many bananas, mainly the ones which are overripe, can raise your blood sugar stages and can worsen your diabetes.

2. Breathing difficulties

According to cleverlandclinic, Bananas can produce inflammation, that may purpose hypersensitive reactions, similarly to being scrumptious and presenting extra dietary benefits. If this happens, you can discover it tough to respire or swallow. As a result, asthmatic patients need to keep away from ingesting too many bananas.

3. A dental issue

Too an awful lot gum, chocolate, and different sweets, in step with what we know, result in dental issues like teeth decay. Banana, on the opposite hand, consists of a excessive stage of starch, that's awful in your teeth. It has the capability to exacerbate dental issues, which includes teeth-rotting.

4. Allergy to latex

When a person comes into direct contact with latex, they gather a latex allergy. Some of the signs and symptoms consist of a runny nose, coughing, itching, watery eyes, and different asthmatic signs and symptoms. People with latex hypersensitive reactions are incredibly hypersensitive to bananas, in step with studies.

5. Headaches or migraines

Bananas comprise the amino acid tyrosine, similarly to severa different nutrients. When you devour a banana, this molecule is transformed to tyramine, which produces headaches. If you be afflicted by everyday migraines or headaches, you need to keep away from ingesting this scrumptious fruit.

6. indigestion

If you've got got constipation, you need to take a smash from bananas for a bit. While a ripe banana can useful resource with constipation, an unripe banana can sell constipation because of its excessive resistant starch content.

7. Increase in weight

Although bananas are low in calories, ingesting too a lot of them will now no longer assist you lose weight.


Bananas, like some other food, are particularly nutritious whilst fed on in moderation. So keep in mind that your fitness is your riches and that an excessive amount of of something may be awful.


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