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Cost in Kenyan Shillings of HIV/AIDS Vaccine That Needs to be Injected Twice to Patients

A few days ago, the American food and drug administration announced that they had already approved the HIV vaccine that will replace the ARVs that people living with HIV take daily. According to the report, this vaccine will be injected into HIV-positive people twice a year at a cost.

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A report has emerged that this vaccine will be sold to patients for 42,250 dollars per year, which is approximately 5.1 million Kenya shillings. These patients will also have to be an additional 39,000 dollars as maintenance costs. This means that patients will be paying around ten million Kenyan shillings per year.

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This vaccine will serve as hope to all people living with HIV for the cure is still being searched for by these scientists who discovered the vaccine. Please share your thoughts on this report in the comments section below. Please do like, comment and share.

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