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End Of The Road For Kakamega Saga Twins As They Have Nothing To Smile About? See What Went Wrong

Almost two years after the Kakamega Twins adventure that stood out enough to be noticed for quite a long time, the groups of the three young ladies, Mevis, Melon and Sharon have nothing to grin about, as they battle to get by without a steady type of revenue. 

Rosemary Khavelele who brought forth Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo however raised Melon and Mevis Mbaya claims that she has been experiencing an unpleasant time accommodating the three young ladies all alone with no assistance. 

She asserts that various well-wishers who swore to pay school expenses for the young ladies disappeared leaving her abandoned. Melon Lutenyo and Mevis Mbaya at present have been at home for about fourteen days because of school charges in spite of the way that they are set to sit for their KCSE assessment one month from now. 

Rosemary has likewise taken steps to sue Kakamega Hospital in the following one month, guaranteeing that the young ladies were persuaded not to make a lawful move by an obscure individual who had an interest in the matter. 

The three started their excursion to know their organic guardians after both of them found through Facebook that they were indistinguishable and the outcome was a DNA test that affirmed that they were to be sure twins who were isolated upon entering the world in a Kakamega emergency clinic. 

How it started 

The three young ladies' gotten features from early April to late June in 2019 after Melon and Sharon's likeness that caused numerous to finish up they are indistinguishable twins. 

The personality of the two young ladies didn't just make news inside the dividers of their country yet additionally across the boundary. Having both been brought into the world in August 1999 in a similar emergency clinic, Kakamega County Referral, and brought up in various locales, the occasions that rejoined the two young ladies 19 years after the fact is a traditional instance of an all around scripted film interweaving predetermination and fortuitous event. It is after Sharon, who was brought up in Nairobi by Angeline Omina, joined Shikoti Girls Secondary school in Kakamega that the excursion of the two gathering started. 

For Melon, joining Kongoni Secondary School subsequent to neglecting to adjust to a life experience school life denoted the excursion of meeting her entirely conceivable twin sister. After scholastic excursions, colleagues and instructors who met any of them couldn't see how their understudy and cohort had a place with the other school. 

Melon didn't take the information on her taking after somebody genuinely. She realized she had a twin sister by the name Melvis however they were not indistinguishable from warrant similar consideration. 

However, the reports became industrious every day instructor and colleagues mate Sharon. It was until she gotten an image of Sharon and her instructors that it occurred to her that the riddle was genuine. "When the instructor carried the image to me, she set it before me and asked me do you know this individual? I advised her, how might I neglect to know myself? The educator asked once more, are you certain this is you?" Melon said during a meeting with KTN. "I revealed to him this isn't my uniform yet it is me. Subsequent to demanding it was me, the instructor opened up and said the individual in the image was not me but rather Sharon Mathias from Shikoti Girls. I could barely handle it. It occurred to me that I have known about this disarray previously and started looking for answers," she added. 

During the occasion the two young ladies put forth attempts to search for one another. After a few associations, a decided and inquisitive Sharon took an excursion to Nairobi. 

On appearance in Nairobi, Kangemi, the two had an enthusiastic gathering that any since a long time ago isolated indistinguishable twins can have. At the point when it was obvious to the two families that their appearance had all signs of likeness, a DNA test was expected to place things into viewpoint and to end the hypotheses. 

DNA test 

A DNA test by Lancet Kenya on June 10, 2019, finished a very long time of uneasiness and hypothesis about the young ladies' parentage by affirming the two young ladies are undoubtedly organic twins isolated upon entering the world in 1999 at the Kakamega General Hospital. 

This is a story that has had numerous turns, however fortunately it was decisively finished. The families and the young ladies were anyway left to adapt to the enthusiastic injury, to manage. The mistake that isolated the twins upon entering the world is an instance of carelessness at the Kakamega General Hospital which the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) promised to disentangle with numerous Kenyans saying families could be bringing up kids that don't have a place with them because of such cases

Content created and supplied by: Denohakim (via Opera News )

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