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What Happens to Our Bodies When We Hug

Hugging makes us feel good. It is also comforting and has been proven to make people happier and healthier. We hug when we are sad, happy, excited or when we are trying to comfort.

Hugs protect us from diseases

Science has proven that hugging and touching help to reduce the risks of getting ill. When people hug, stress is reduced hence making them healthier. People with fewer support systems tend to get sick easily.

Hugs make you happier

Hugging and touching make the body produce the hormone oxytocin which is sometimes called the cuddle hormone. It is associated with happiness and less stress. This hormone has a strong effect, especially on ladies. Ladies who are in a relationship and frequent ugs are less likely to get ill or depressed. Also when ladies are holding their infants, the hormone is also released and has positive effects on their bodies.

Hugs help to reduce fears

Touching and hugging help people to reduce anxiety and fear as well. It helps someone isolate themself when they are reminded of their mortality.

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