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Hidden Medicinal Effects Of Pomegranates You Should Not Miss Out

The pomegranate tree is a beautiful tree that has been carried all over the world and different parts of the tree are being used for medicinal purposes.


The root BARK,and in lesser proportion the trunk and branches bark, contain several alkaloids, the most important being pelletierine. It also contains tannin,glucoside with astringent properties,and bromure.

It's main property is Vermifuge: it helps to expel parasitic worms in the human intestine, and is especially effective for taeniae.

The bark of the pomegranate tree, and especially that of its root, owes its properties to the alkaloids it contains. However, when these alkaloids are administered isolated, they have toxic effects on the body, quite similar to those caused by nicotine: muscular shivers and paralysis. They effects may also occur on the worms, allowing their expulsion from the stomach.

The fruit rind, and its inner walls, also have vermifuge properties,though milder than those of the root or trunk bark. Sometimes a person who eats a pomegranate expels an intestinal worm days later, without the aim of doing so.

The flowers of the tree, and the fruit rind have astringent and mildly diuretic properties. They are recommended for:

Diarrhoea, gastroenteritis,and colitis, taken as an infusion.

Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and of the tissues fixing teeth to the jawbone. The infusion is applied in mouth rinsings, and can help fix loose teeth.

Pharyngitis and tonsils, applied in gargles


Preparation and use

1. Cold extract. with 60-90 g of root dried bark in half a liter of water, steeping for 24 hours. Then boil over a low heat until the liquid reduces a half. Drink during two or three days, in the morning, with empty stomach. Can be sweetened with honey, or flavoured with peppermint essence.

2. Infusion of flowers, with20-30g per liter of water. A pomegranate rind can be added per each liter. Take a spoonful every hour, until diarrhea stops( EMP pg 523-524).

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