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Actual Cost of Acquiring Braces in Kenya

I Know it's not your first time to hear about dental braces because you have ever come across a person wearing them. Braces are wire based metal which used by orthodontics to align dental problems. Braces have more of functions than beautifying and improving on one's smile. They are mainly used to straighten crooked teeth, jaw and to fill the overbites in human mouth. They comes in different quality and this what determine the cost of acquiring a dental braces. In Kenya with have different types of braces which are made according for specific usage as follows;

1. Gold plated stainless braces

These are the most expensive braces costing more than 400k because of the material used to make them. They are mostly preferred because the metal is stainless and the colour of gold is appealing more.

2. Traditional metal wire braces.

They are the common braces made of stainless steel which is sometimes combined with titanium to make appealing nature.These braces have a metal bracket with elastic rubber band ties which hold the wire onto the metal brackets. They are not so expensive because with 80k to 150k you can acquire them.

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