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Do this Now and We Will End the COVID-19 Pandemic

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After more than one year of public health guidelines, business closures and lockdowns, people are more than willing to end the pandemic. Unluckily, though a lot of progress has been made to lower the new cases, there remains plenty of work to be done before things can go back to normal. 

The thing we have to do if we want to bring the pandemic to an end as soon as possible is to help everyone you know get vaccinated. Despite managing to get the vaccine to the people, the government is still concerned because the vaccination levels are starting to drop as the public enthusiasm about getting vaccinated is waning. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), overcoming the final challenge of the pandemic involves encouraging other people in your circles to get their COVID-19 jabs. The vaccine is the most significant way to ending the pandemic and that means that we need to ask more people to offer themselves for the shot.  

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Major regional COVID-19 spikes have raised concerns among health experts and agencies as highly infectious variants of the coronavirus might continue to exacerbate outbreaks. If there is a slow response because of vaccine uncertainty, there will be more time for different variants to spread. 

The ministry of health has indicated that the demographics of those most affected by the virus are changing and this is painting a different picture. Younger people are now contracting the virus and cases of hospitalizations are increasing in most areas of the country. 

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The WHO argues that the sooner we get vaccinated the sooner we can have our normal lives back. This means that people need to turn up in large numbers for the ongoing vaccination exercise. With the overwhelming majority of individuals in the population vaccinated that would mean the pandemic is going to end soon. 

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