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Here Is Why You Need to Consume Mushrooms Regularly

Mushrooms have long been a part of the human diet– species have been discovered in association with 13, 000- year- old archaeological sites in Chile. Mushrooms have a high nutritional value due to their high levels of protein, enzymes, B vitamins, and vitamin D2. What' s the best part? They are classified as a zero- calorie food that is especially beneficial to diabetics.

More than 98 percent of us eat only one kind of mushroom: the common button mushroom and its relatives, the crimini and portabello mushrooms. However, there are other types of mushrooms that can help you increase the nutrient content of your diet. Try shiitake, oyster, chanterelle, reishi, Cordyceps, turkey tail, and Himematsutake varieties if you can find them.

Improved weight management

Those who prefer red meat can substitute white button mushrooms for it to aid in weight loss. A study found that those who did this lost more weight, had better body composition, had a smaller waist circumference, and were better able to maintain their weight loss.

Increased metabolism

Vitamin B is required by the body to convert food (carbs) into fuel (glucose), produce energy, and metabolize fats and protein. Mushrooms are high in vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B3 (thiamin) (niacin). A 100 gm of crimini contains 44% and 30% of your daily recommended amount, respectively, while white button mushrooms contain 36% and 30%, and oyster mushrooms contain 32% and 39%. Including mushrooms in your diet can help to boost your metabolism.

Increased antioxidant levels

When we think of antioxidants, we usually think of bright and colorful vegetables. Antioxidants are substances that help our bodies fight free radicals caused by oxidation. According to a Penn State University study, crimini and portobello mushrooms have antioxidant levels comparable to red peppers.

Vitamin D content is high

With the majority of us now being advised to take vitamin D supplements, it' s time to consider a natural cure. Mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable that contain this essential vitamin. Mushrooms, like humans, produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. So begin eating!

Those who avoid mushrooms because they believe they are harmful should remember that only about 50 to 100 of the over 10, 000 species of mushrooms are toxic. There is no danger unless you pick a species in a forest and decide to cook it.

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