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Ladies Do You Have This Stain In Your Black Underwear ? See What It Means

It is always normal for ladies to have discharge. Most of the time you will notice that you have discharge when you spot brown stains in your underwear. There are different causes of the brown stains which we shall discuss below.

Firstly, vaginal discharge can cause bleaching effects on black underwear. The discharge is always acidic thus it's capable of bleaching any garment due to the high pH levels. Secondly, the brown stains can result from small blood leakages of blood just before the menstrual periods. When the blood is exposed to oxygen it turns brown through a natural process called oxidation.

Types of brown discharge

This depends on when the discharge takes place and why it occurs. There are three types of brown discharges namely Light brown discharge, dark brown discharge, and black discharge.

Other causes of brown discharge include birth control implant, early signs of pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections ( STI's), Pelvic Inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, and Ectopic pregnancy which occurs when a fertilized egg attaches itself outside the uterine cavity.

Black Discharge

If you experience this and the discharge has a strong smell or you experience a lot of pain then it could be a sign of sexually transmitted infections.

Dark brown discharge

Mostly it occurs during your periods because the blood is oxidized once it mixes with free air outside the body.

Light brown discharge

It's usually thinking and it occurs when white vaginal discharge mixes with menstrual blood.

Prevention of brown discharge

You should avoid using sprays and perfumed soaps around the pubic area because they alter the pH levels which can lead to yeast infection. Note that the female reproductive system was designed to clean itself and it does so through the discharge which is sometimes acidic. This type of discharge is used to kill any bacteria.

Lastly, always change all wet underwear because they can lead to the growth of the bad bacterial infection, and wear breathable cotton underwear.

Below is a link to a video providing more details about female discharge


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