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Benefits of the Menstrual Cup

The first question that one would ask is, "what is a menstrual cup?". We all know that the menstrual cycle occurs in women and during the flow of menses, women use different types of sanitary pads to keep themselves clean from soiling of blood all over the dress.

Therefore, the menstrual cup is a type of reusable female product that is funnel-shaped and made of rubber. It is used to collect menses and is inserted into the [email protected] to collect period fluid. According to Dr Shritsi Sharma, the menstrual cup is purchased under the guidance of the gynaecologist. One has to consider the age, length of the cervix, menstrual flow, the flexibility of the cup, cup capacity, and pelvic muscle strength.

The menstrual cup comes in two sizes, the smaller ones for women below 30 years and who has not given birth, while the bigger size is for women above 30 and have given birth [email protected] This cup has both economic and health benefits. Economically, it's cheap to buy and maintained and since it's reusable, unlike the sanitary towels that are bought and used once.

Health benefits include the following, no rashes as experienced while using tampons or pads, no foul smell or odour, and no leakage since it's made of rubber. This is a God-sent product for girls.

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