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Why Hypertension (HTN) Is A Silent Killer

Hypertension is a medical condition in which blood pressure is persistently high

“Rule of halves’’ stated that half of hypertensive patients were not diagnosed and out of the halve of diagnosed not treated and out of the halve not treated halve not controlled.

In many cases the patients don’t feel sick and they over look the symptoms because they maybe mild, don’t affect the patients daily activity, some maybe ignorance or patient is scared to go to the hospital.

HTN is associated with small vessel disease. Its adverse effects principally involve blood vessels, CNS, retina, heart and kidneys

Hyaline atherosclerosis occurs in the blood vessels especially in smaller arteries this narrows the lumen increasing the blood pressure due to increase of vascular resistance. Infarcts may follow due to atherosclerosis in which they may lodge to any organ in the body and any be fatal if it ends up blocking the heart which can cause ischemic attacks or the brain which may cause stroke. The kidney is supplied by a dense network of blood vessels and high volume of blood passes through them for waste removal these blood vessels can also be affected by HTN in which they narrow and harden and therefore not able to function properly.

In a hypertensive patient the heart is overworked till it can’t function anymore causing heart failure .

The brain gets hemorrhagic necrosis, thinning of the walls causing aneurysms. 

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