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Here is How you can Easily Boost Your Happy Hormones.

Happiness is something that everyone desires to have all the time. It’s a sweet feeling that’s takes over both a person’s mind and body. It has the effects of making someone laugh even to the level of shedding tears. Its sometimes regarded as infectious due to its ability to be spread to other nearby people.

The feeling of being happy is normally brought about by specific hormones in the body.  These are oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins including dopamine. They are the reason behind persons good emotions and here are some ways of boosting them.

Doing Exercise.

Doing body exercise will always cause the heart to produce endorphins which is the reason behind good feeling in people. Additionally, in case there is pain in the body, their perception will be reduced majorly due to the interactions of endorphins and pain receivers located in the brain.


The production of hormone endorphins is normally stimulated with a soothing touch resulting to a happy feeling. Its also brought about by certain body therapies such as hydrotherapy which usually makes the body to relax.


This can easily be achieved though attending comedy shows. With such, hormone endorphins are highly boosted causing stress to go down, and good moods to increase. Laughing has actually been regarded as one of the ways of treating depression.

Bathing in the Forest.

Getting connected with nature is one of the common ways of activating happy hormones. It said to be very beneficial in increasing motivation and well-being in a person. Hormone serotonin is normally escalated when someone is exposed to some natural light.

Music Listening.

Listening to music especially the relaxing ones such as Jazz has the effect of boosting hormone oxytocin which is responsible for a person happiness. Its capable of reducing things like stress, anxiety and even pain.

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